I’m a Minneapolis based photographer whose portfolio encompasses fashion, portraiture, beauty, and dance. My photography focuses heavily on elements such as eccentric narratives, candid expressions, subtle gesture and sometimes the act of obscuring all of those elements entirely. I strive to create stunning, provocative imagery and often achieve this through collaboration with other artists who inspire me. I’ve worked with various artists whose disciplines range from filmmaking, dance and fashion design to calligraphy, sculpture and painting. This aptitude for artistic collaboration is one of my most valuable assets as a photographer because it allows me to not only find consistently new inspiration, but gain new perspectives and stay immersed in multiple facets of art.

A Brief History:
I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and began taking photographs around the age of 8. Growing up one of my childhood frustrations was that I couldn’t simply snap a photograph with my eyelids and have a high quality print to show for it. The cheap, disposable kodak film cameras that I started out with never quite satisfied my visual cravings and I slowly began to acquire better equipment with the passing of birthdays. Throughout my teen years it wasn’t a successful sleepover unless I dressed my friends up and had a photoshoot in my house or around the neighborhood. It wasn't until I began my post secondary schooling that I was introduced to strobe lighting and working in a studio environment, so I attribute my preference to shooting on location with those early shoots I’d done with friends at a young age.
In 2014 I received my BFA in photography from Ryerson University in Toronto. My work can be seen throughout numerous printed publications and online media sources both nationally and internationally. Currently I spend most of my time freelancing for various brands as a lifestyle, portrait, and fashion photographer while simultaneously assisting other commercial and editorial photographers.

For more information, or to ask about employment opportunities, or just to say hello, please get in touch.  

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